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>> ryan: looking at all of that talent, literally one of the most talented shows that we have ever had. so well-done, girls. congratulations. the lines are now open. they'll stay open at least two hours. you're picking the ladies you want in your top 10, but they all need your support. nobody is safe. so remember, vote, vote, votes for your favorites. thanks to our judges for this evening. [cheers & applause] see you back here tonight night
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at 8:00/7:00 central with your guys. so make sure you come back. your local news is next. good night, america! rain returns to the bay area tonight ending a prolonged stretch of dry weather and one of the driest starts to the year on record. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we're on storm watch tonight with a winter storm bringing the bay area its first significant rain. we have team coverage this evening. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storm now.
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and we begin with ken wayne who says it just started raining. >> reporter: it is cold, wet and very windy. let's take a look at the conditions right now on the golden gate bridge. traffic fairly light but the bridge deck is wet. i talked to a golden gate bridge toll worker and he said it's not the wet weather that causes problems it's the drivers, if they slow down and take it easy we'll be fine. we've been talking about this storm for the last few days now it's finally here. it started with the wind. the storm front advanced through the north bay first. the glow of the flame from his outdoor heating lamps will draw in the cold and weary. >> it's like moss to the flame. people are walking down the street and the lights stand out to them it looks like a nice warm cozy place to come hang out. >> reporter: we found this homeless couple heading to a
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camp site before the rain comes in. >> cold and rain we've been doing for a while. we came from the coast of santa barbara on the bike. we're kind of used to some of the weather. >> reporter: this was the scene on southbound 95, the roads were quiet in mill valley. here at vista point, people huddled up to watch the lights. >> reporter: so the virtual experience was better than the reality. >> appears so. that's the bay area experience. >> reporter: we showed you the flags in santa rosa, that video was shot around 7:00 tonight. look at the flags here at vista point. you can see the wind isreally whipping them around here. so quite a dramatic change just in the last couple of hours here in the north bay. of course this storm is on the move. live in marin county, ken wayne. ktvu channel 2 news.
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the winds are blowing we will see some high wind advisory on those bridge s if we haven't already. the san rafael richmond bridge, let's take a look at the system as it comes in real close. it's raining throughout the bay area right now. this thing is right on schedule. we'll come in and see some yellow in the oakland hills. we'll come in in the north bay and we're looking at rainfall around napa it's pretty heavy right now and the american canyon area by 29. if you head out towards vallejo and martinez. these yellows that's significant rainfall. it's coming down hard and you're having a rough time seeing when you're driving. check out berkeley and oakland. steady rain here with the greens. we are seeing really heavy stuff coming in over the hills right now. as a matter of fact let's put this many motion and we get a feel for the motion of the showers. they're moving off very rapidly out toward the west there. let's take another peek and we'll come in closer.
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out by 82, sunny vale and santa clara coming down hard. there's more behind it. how is that morning commute going to go and what about those thunderstorms? we'll be back here in 10 minutes with all the details. stale with the 10:00 news as bill mentioned he'll be back at 10:20 with how this storm will affect you tomorrow. and the complete bay area forecast including when the next round of rain will arrive. the much looked at debut of the artistic light show on the western span of the bay bridge. after weeks of test run, the 23,000 l.e.d. lights were turned on when the artist pushed a key on his laptop computer. tonight's rainy weather did not deter thousands of spectators, patti. >> - -
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>> reporter: that's right, the embarcadero was full tonight. they did not want to miss the moment the bay bridge was transformed into a work of art. the light show changes constantly. the sequence you see now never to be repeated. according to the artist, the abstract nature of the installation is designed to keep it open to interpretation. >> my goal is to create something as the equivalent of a campfire. something for people to come around and enjoy. >> with the temperatures we're feeling outside, it is unusual to see my patio full. >> reporter: rare for a cold midweek evening. >> i've never seen as many people down here you know on a
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tuesday night. >> reporter: san francisco's major says the art installation is expected to attract 50 million visitors -- san francisco's mayor. >> you can imagine anything you want in these lights. for me, it's the mustache you will see every night. >> reporter: some find the city's projections to see optimistic. >> it's something i would call a beehive. a big harry audiacious goal. >> reporter: this $8 million art installation is privately funded. it's still about $2 million short of the goal but it's gaining by allowing the public to sponsor dials, they raised $75,000 even before it went live tonight. reporting live in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now, the
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light sculpture is 1.8 miles long and 500 feet high. the lights will be illuminated from dusk to dawn. the cost of electricity is said to be $500 a year. just look for the hot topic section right on our front page for more information. we have developing news from san francisco where there has been a police shooting. this is a live picture from the bay view hunter's point. police chief suhr says someone crashed and gave way. chief suhr says officers got out of their car but then the driver of the bmw knocked down one of the officers with the car. >> the officer was vulnerable, could easily have been seriously injured or killed. two of his brother officers fired at the bmw striking the driver one time. >> reporter: chief suhr says the driver was taken to the
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hospital in stable condition. and that the officer is not badly hurt. chief suhr says the bmw was stolen yesterday during a string of robberies committed by a person carrying a shotgun. santa cruz police are given the public another opportunity to honor those two fallen officers. a public viewing for sergeant lauren butch baker and officer elizabeth butler is set for tomorrow from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the santa cruz memorial. the viewing comes one day before a public memorial service at hp pavilion in san jose. thursday's procession is set to start at 8:45 in the morning in santa cruz. participants will all be staging at the third street parking lot on the board walk. the procession will head north over highway 17 to hp pavilion in downtown san jose. authorities say that procession will cause rolling road closures along the route. ktvu will air thursday's memorial live.
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our coverage begins with mornings on 2. then at 11:00, our coverage continues as the funeral procession makes its way to san jose. on wall street the dow jones went where it has never been before surpassing it's previous record in closing at an all time high. the dow gained 125 points to 14,253. that is 90 points above the previous record set before the recession in october of 2007. nasdaq gained 42 it's at a 12 year high but still 19 points below its report set back in march 2000. still there was no champane popping in wall street. there's reluctance to get too excited since the economy remains in recovery mode. low interest rates are fueling the rally. >> and one of the things that the reserve had hoped was that their policies would buoy stock prices and they certainly seem to have succeeded. the markets have more than doubled in the past four years since the dow fell to a low of
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6500 after the housing bubble burst. the nation of venezuela is in mourning tonight after the death of hugo chavez after the age of 58. the streets of caracas have been filled with people carrying his picture or crying. many gathered outside the presidential palace. president chavez hadn' t been seen there since december when he started getting treatment for cancer which took his life. he had many supporters as well as opponents. >> reporter: known to many as a populous who promoted socialism, chavez was an opponent against u.s. influence and just as big as a supporter of the united latin america. >> commander president hugo chavez priaz died. >> reporter: as an army para
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troop commander he was later pardoned and elected president. in 14 years in office he won reelection three times and withstood a coo attempt. he underwent two operations to remove tumors and radiation treatment. all the while assuring the public that he was cured. >> god gave me an early birthday. my birthday is monday. >> reporter: venezuelan vice president will run for the
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position. but a power struggle is set to enshoe. in part at this challenging time of president hugo chavez' passing, the u.s. reaffirms its support for its people. a few dozen people attended a rally this evening at 24th and mission in san francisco. people here said chavez took care of the poor and stood up against wealthy and powerful nations and corporations. one woman called chavez an inspiration. >> he helped many other people throughout latin american. he was an icon and he was a unified figure quite frankly. >> she said chavez provided scholarships to young people in latin america so they could study health care. and they donated heating oil to poor people in the united states. you will soon be able to bring some types of pocket knives into planes.
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>> how the tsa says the new rule will help them keep you safe. >> and a change coming to a dangerous intersection. why crews said adding a sign was the only thing they could do for now. >> and chief meteorologist bill martin is going to show you the rain path during your morning commute.
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a new policy will soon allow air travelers to bring
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more things on board including knives. >> reporter: there's good news for golfers, your gear can be carried on while some other of the items are drawing sharp criticism. the friendly skies can sometimes make you grumpy. >> if you're really nice about it i have to take my shoes off especially when i'm wearing boots and it's harder to take those off at security. >> reporter: now the transportation security administration is trying to ease your pain by letting you carry on banned items. the tsa will allow some pocket knives up to 3.2-inches long. novelty and regulation bats and golf clubs. these items distract agents from the real dangerous. >> part of it is to make our check points more efficient. the idea that we have to look for and find and then somehow resolve whatever that
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prohibited item is, that takes time and effort. >> reporter: several unions representing flight attendants lashed out at the new policy. the transport workers union released a statement saying. while we agree that a passenger wielding a small knife or swinging a golf club or bat are a lower risk. >> i don't see a reason why you need a hockey stick on the plane. it has no use while you're in flight. so probably should go under the plane with the rest of your checked baggage. >> they're going to find one way or to get around it. and i think those rules are restricting those certain items hurt the typical consumer and not the person looking to do the evil or do the bad. >> reporter: while knives like these will still be allowed the tsa is still going to ban box cutters and razor blades. reporting live at san jose
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international airport, matt keller. the faa says a fire in the engine of a commercial plane forced the pilot to make an emergency landing at san jose international airport shortly after take off. the alaska flight left the airport at 11:30 this morning. the pilot says he was 20 minutes into the flight when a warning light came on. fire crews were on the scene when the plane landed. the faa says there were signs of scorching. everybody got off the plane safely. tonight the chp says the 26- year-old man who was seriously injured in a car accident that shut down highway 101 in marin is expected to survive. the accident happened about 1:15 this afternoon on southbound 101 near the redwood sanitary landfill. officers closed the freeway in both directions to allow a medical helicopter to land to take the injured driver to the hospital. officers say their investigation suggests that the driver was speeding when he lost control of his car and hit
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another car. the female driver of that second car suffered only minor injuries. all of the lanes were reopened within 40 minutes. new at 10:00, within the last half hour the hayward city council voted to phase out their red light camera program. in fact, the police report found accidents have actually increased at some intersections with the lights. hayward began installing those lights back in 2008. in san francisco today, officials with the city and the california pacific medical center announced plans to build two new hospitals. the project includes a 120 bed hospital at the existing st. luke's campus in the mission district as well as a new hospital with more than 300 beds on cathedral hill on van nuys avenue. the agreement comes after months of negotiations between
10:21 pm
cpmc, neighborhood groups and labor unions. the projects are expected to take up to seven years with a combined price tag of $2 billion. it's been nearly 25 years since detectives found a woman's badly decomposed body. today it released new informing in hopes it jars someone's memory. these are likenesses of the victim who was found in 1988. investigators believe she was african american and about 40 years old. today police released these images of the sweater she was wearing, her watch and a pendant with the letter f on it. the woman's body was found in near buchanan and summersville road. it was never clear if foul play was involved. the calls for safety improvement are growing louder for a busy intersection where a high school student was struck and killed over the weekend.
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>> reporter: it's not easy crossing sloath boulevard. a car rushed past these students after they paid respects to chang. changes are coming to sloath boulevard a state highway managed by different agencies. >> over the last five year period there's been about 60 accidents on sloath. about 20% of them have happened at these three intersections. >> reporter: the sidewalks will be widened and flashing lights will be installed but work won't start until next summer. for now we watched san francisco police drop off a speed radar sign at the request of worried neighbors. >> the last one i saw was 46 and 47-miles-an-hour. >> is that good?
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>> no that's not good. it's 35 through here. >> reporter: this neighbor refused to be on camera. but he vividly remembers coming face to face with the driver that hit the girl. >> i said what are you doing he said i'm the one that hit her. >> reporter: police air forced that man, k era n brewer charging him with dui and vehicle manslaughter. >> when something like this happens everyone hurts. >> reporter: road improvements won't be complete until next year. raining hard out there right now. live storm tracker 2 shows you how rapidly the showers are moving offshore. in the heaviest rainfall now moving through the bay area. we've had reports of up to a half inch of rain in the north bay. .25 out in san francisco. it just moved out to the east
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out toward antioch the rain is starting to pick up. if you know concord and cal road you can see the rain moderate to heavy. the rain has been coming down pretty strong. right around san jose rains really coming downright here as you get out toward alam rock and out toward that area. this is a fast mover when i come back we'll get the computer model and we'll track it. nobody has lived here for years, the doors are boarded up but this is not a foreclosure. the growing trend that's leaving frustrated neighbors with nowhere to turn. >> but up first, burglars target a police officer's home and poison two dogs. what they stole and the reward for information. ♪
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police are searching for a burglar who broke into a home and poisoned his two dogs. the officers pet dog was poisoned. the officer took that pet dog to the vet and when he returned home, he discovered it had been burglarized and that his police dog had also been poisoned. police say the burglar stole five weapons and other items. the officers pet dog ended up dying, the police dog is recovering. a $10,000 reward is being offered in the case. oakland police have recovered an artifact stolen from the oakland museum of california. tonight one man is behind bars charged with the theft. the theft of the historic art artifact took place in january and police say they're not done with the case yet. >> the case is still developing
10:28 pm
so i'm not able to give you the details of the investigation or where we're going from here. >> reporter: investigators are looking into another burglary at the museum when three historic pistols and gold nuggets were taken back in november. those items have not yet been recovered. as the housing market rebounds the number of foreclosures is down. but in many bay area communities, abandoned houses pose a problem. and eric rasmussen found out it could be very difficult to find anyone to take responsible for these eyesores. >> reporter: christian basali have spent their own time and money trying to keep someone elses house secure. >> during the days i came home and we noticed the door was bashed in. >> reporter: the front door is boarded up, the grass is long phone and -- long gone and so are the owners. >> they just got up and moved away. >> reporter: that was two years ago.
10:29 pm
but this home has not gone into foreclosure. >> unless the investor or bank does something, it's going to sit here and rot. >> we've seen a lot of it where the property has been abandoned but not foreclosed on. >> reporter: john kay says there's more properties like this one. >> when you look at the public record shows that the owner still owns it and there's nothing going on with regard to the bank. >> i contacted bank of america and they told me they no longer service the loan that now it's been transferred to selected loan services. >> thank you for calling selected loan servicing. >> reporter: at first an operator told us they couldn't find any report of this property and even when he did, he told us if we needed any information we would have o -- have to request it in writing. meantime the home is in limbo making it hard for the city or
10:30 pm
the home association to clean up. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. >> i really want to see closure for this. and also, i think this is probably the last thing i can really do for my husband. her husband was killed while visiting the bay area on a job interview. now she is here to fight for justice. and union workers flex their muscle at city hall. the pay cuts that workers say will target women and minorities.
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take a step forward and chase what matters. more than 100 union workers gathered to protest what they say are unfair pay cuts. the city is proposing cuts the pay of people in 45 positions
10:33 pm
and those jobs apparently pay more in san francisco than in other cities. but members of the seiu labor union see it differently. they say women and minorities are being targeted. >> our jobs are not any less strenuous, our jobs are not any less demanding in fact, they're becoming more demanding and the city is giving up the message that when they do that that certain individuals, certain classifications have less value. >> city officials say they are committed to the principal's of equal pay for equal work and the new wage cuts would effect only new employees hires after april 20. the family of the woman who died after a nurse failed to
10:34 pm
give her cpr says that laurane baylis had full knowledge of the limitations of the care at that facility. a man flys to the bay area for a job interview with google and is killed in a robbery. amber lee is live in the newsroom and tell us why his widow almost didn't make the trip to testify. amber-- >> reporter: tomorrow the victim's wife will come face to face with the man who killed her husband for the first time. >> what he lived for, we were together for more than 20 years. and my life has been changed forever. >> reporter: life after the death of her husband is a daily struggle. she flew into sfo to testify tomorrow in court. >> he was not only my husband, he actually was my best friend also. so the loss of him is not only
10:35 pm
the loss of a husband. it's the loss of everything. >> reporter: the sudden loss came on a sunday night july 18, 2010. kang an engineer had arrived in oakland for a job interview with google. he was in downtown oakland when he was shot in killed around 11:30 p.m. rob -- robbed of a small amount of cash. 26-year-old george huggins and his 36-year-old girlfriend althea. wong says she almost decided against attending because she's still struggling with the loss. >> on the other hand i really want to see closure for this. and also i think this is probably the last thing i can really do for my husband. >> reporter: wong says the death of her 45-year-old husband robbed her three sons of a father they adored. >> i know they suffered in their heart. but luckily we have a lot of
10:36 pm
people supporting us around us. >> reporter: several east bay organizations have raised thousands of dollars to help bring wong here for the trial. she says she supporting whatever the court and jury decide. if convicted, huggins faces life in prison. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. tonight the oakland city council unanimously passed a resolution prohibiting the city from holding or making investments in companies that manufacture guns or ammunition. a city report earlier this year found that oakland actually does not currently have any investments in such companies. however with this resolution the council is asking city administrators to make sure there are no future investments in firearms or ammunition companies. two measures aimed at restricting the sale of ammunition received unanimous
10:37 pm
approval by san francisco's -- the other would ban types of hollow point bullets. and today the guns collected during this weekend's santa clara county gun buy back were on display. organizers say the display was one of the most successful in the bay area with a total of 1,116 firearms collected. and that includes 47 assault weapons and $114,000 was paid out for all of those guns. the sheriff hopes to have another event later on this year. president morsi reportedly may take control of the city away from police and hand it over to the military. there have been violent protests there since late january. and since sunday, six people have been killed and hundreds injured. in vatican city the roman catholic church is still waiting for five cardinals to arrive so they can set a date for a conclave to select a new
10:38 pm
pope. officials are not saying why they aren't there yet or when they're expected to arrive. the church did release video of three silver and brass urns that will hold the ballots. when given a gift the woman said the dutchess say she would take it for the daughter, but stopped herself. the dutchess says she doesn't know the sex of the baby. the obama administration announced today all white house tours have been cancelled starting on saturday. officials say the move is necessary following staffing reductions caused by the sequester. a recording for white house visitors also says tours will not be rescheduled. the early morning break-in that put a sex offender behind
10:39 pm
bars. plus -- >> these are two storage facilities for charities. >> chief meteorologist bill martin is watching rainfall in the bay area, he's back at 10:45 with the areas hit the hardest and what to expect next. >> but up first, stolen then run aground. we'll take you inside a multi million dollar sailboat to show you the damage inside.
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10:41 pm
today ktvu news got a look inside that more than $2 million yacht that was stolen in sausalito and run aground in pacifica. alex sadvidge showed us the damage and tell us what happened on board. >> reporter: the 82-foot yacht named darling was hoisted out
10:42 pm
of the water early this morning after it was recovered overnight. you can see the extensive damage including the broken rutter and bent propeller. >> nothing something that big. we didn't believe it yesterday when we heard it because we had the boat out a number of times and i never heard of a boat that big being ripped off. >> reporter: the $2 million boat was taken from a sausalito marina and it ran aground yesterday in pacifica. the three people on board were arrested after a short stand off and it looks like they turned this into a party boat. officials found the inside littered with beer cans and pizza boxes. these are photos that ktvu obtained from inside the yacht. this morning the boat's captain came out to inspect the damage but didn't want to comment about the theft. we did see the captain talking to a sausalito police officer who was on board to gather evidence in this unusual case. >> that is a first one where i
10:43 pm
have seen them have to get the perpetrators off. >> reporter: all three accused boat thieves are now facing grand theft and conspiracy charges in connection with this joyride. no one has been able to give me an estimate on how much it might cost to repair all the damage to this yacht but the manager of this boat yard told me it certainly will not be cheap. >> we now know how the thieves managed to start the boat's engine. the last person that used the boat left the keys right in the cabin. a sex offender is behind bars for breaking into a woman's home while she slept. police arrested ryan kamfolt in san jose just after 3:00 this morning. the woman says she woke up, saw a man standing over her and screamed. the man ran. police were near by and arrested kamfolt. they said he had women's underwear in his pocket they
10:44 pm
also say he was on parol for robbery, was wearing a gps ankle bracelet and was monitoring police radios on his smart phone. the man accused of killing an east palo alto activist was sentenced today to four years behind bars for possessing weapons in jail. this comes after 60-year-old gregory elarms withdrew his charges. the charges were dismissed when detectives determined police had illegally obtained a confession. council members decided to hold a special elections to fill a vacant seat. potential candidates can begin submitting paper work to run for the office on march 13th. in two minutes, trying to
10:45 pm
escape thieves the move a victim made to protect himself tonight that ended with gunfire. then -- >> after 28 years this shut us down. >> the theft creating problems for a local charity and graduating seniors. >> and see when we could have rain in our forecast. medications?
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we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ new video tonight from the east bay a young shooting victim is recovering at this hour following what the victim says was an attempted robbery. police found the victim on 85th avenue near international boulevard in oakland around 6:50 tonight. the victim told officers a gunman had tried to rob him and he reused to hand over his belongs and took off. the victim says that's when he was shot. initial reports indicate the victim was 14 years old but police have not been able to confirm that. two east bay groups planned
10:48 pm
all year to put smiles on people's faces for one special day. but thieves who broke into a contra costa county warehouse have ruined those plans. john sasaki tells us who was targeted and what was lost. >> reporter: christmas trees in march but here in contra costa county there's not much christmas cheer. >> after 28 years it shuts us down. >> reporter: these supplies helped christmas for everyone give gifts on december 25th. >> anyone who needs christmas. >> reporter: thieves broke into the warehouse and cleaned out most everything of value. >> our big cooking pots, all of our presents, thousands of dollars of presents. they took our trees, our decorations, our clothes. every single thing. 68 tables, 100 chairs. >> it's unconsciousable that someone would steal. >> reporter: the school puts on a safe and sober grad event at the campus every year and its
10:49 pm
supplies were stored there. >> we have probably $10,000 worth of equipment of ours which included tools, electronics, extension cords. lighting. >> reporter: volunteers transformed part of the school into an oasis for the kids. >> we always do fund raising any way but it's going to be a lot more that we have to make up. >> reporter: this year the event will not be the same. >> everyone looks forward to grad night. it suck that someone would ruin that for us. >> reporter: the groups say they sustained a combined $600,000 between the both of them. a gas leak prompted a shelter in place order today at a san francisco hospital. news chopper 2 was overhead around 3:00 this afternoon as crews worked to cap the leak. officials say crews working on a sewer project there snapped
10:50 pm
the line. repairs were completed and the order was lifted around 7:00 tonight. it's been more than a week now since a water main break flooded a san francisco neighborhood but the clean up and repairs continue. tonight, three homes on 15th avenue are red tagged. the san francisco public utilities commission says at least half a million dollars has been spent so far on the repairs. tomorrow, mayor ed lee says he plans to visit the area and talk with residents. a winter storm that slammed parts of the midwest today is now headed for the mid- atlantic. the snowstorm closed schools in minnesota, wisconsin and illinois. officials at chicago's o'hare airport say more than 100 flights were cancelled and already tonight airports in the washington, d.c. area have cancelled about 50 flights. just checking the social media and we have a lot of reports of strong wind out there. i have official reports of wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour in parts of the east bay and in
10:51 pm
the hills of north bay. winds have been gusting out there. the rain has been coming down hard. it's a fast mover, it flying through here. the models have timed it out well. they missed out on how quickly it's traveling now. it's ripping through the bay area. as you come in close, you can see the heavy rain. pretty much out toward watsonville. that's heavy rain. maybe a thunderstorms out there. gilroy you have heavy rain headed your way moving into downtown gilroy. the heavy rain moving off. san jose you're starting to dry out. but the rain came down to the tune of .1 to .25. came down fast and furious. it's not over. what we've got now is this area behind me. let me illustrate it for you. you see the area come through. this area in here that's going to swing through. blind that we have some
10:52 pm
impulses that are going to slide down around this low center. so we're going to get this pin wheeling effect not through tonight. again into tomorrow and again into thursday as that low lingers offshore. so the unstable inclement weather is going to move on. so this is the heaviest most well organized of the system. after this it's widely scattered showers and chance of a thunderstorms. snow on some higher bay area peaks by thursday night, friday morning. and in the mountain -- in the mountains a winter storm warning. wet on the roadways maybe a few sprinkles for your morning commute. afternoon it starts to dry out. then we get into thursday, see it spinning back around. here we are thursday morning. this could be a thunderstorms thursday morning. again thursday afternoon. and then you'll see this area right here kind of whipping around. you see it's going right around the low that could produce something on friday late night early -- late night thursday into early friday morning. so that's how it goes. we're going to go on -- the heavy consistent rain has gone through. now we're going to get the
10:53 pm
scattered showery stuff. perhaps a thunderstorms more likely on thursday we'll see a thunderstorms. rainfall accumulations could easily get up over an inch in some places we've already seen an inch in parts of the north bay and half inch to .25 elsewhere. just kind of wild weather. got some rain. it would be nice if it was more consistent rain. this was a good dousing but only lasted about two hours or something. >> it would be nice if it lasted a little longer. more rain in the buckets. >> it looks pretty good. thanks bill. caltrans's newest snowplow hasn't been used and won't be used for at least another week. it's called a two plow and we showed it to you last month. the back actually fish tails and it allows it to plow two lanes at the same time. developing news from the
10:54 pm
north bay. new video of a destructive fire.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
new video just into the ktvu newsroom from santa rosa where a two alarm fire destroyed a two story home tonight. the firefighters were called out to the home on monte drive
10:57 pm
this evening. when they arrived their home was fully engulfed. so far no word on what sparked that fire. mark joins us now. some good news tonight for sharks fans. really exciting game. >> it was a great game in vancouver they're ready for some good news. the season ended tonight. the sharks will be on the outside looking in at the play offs but there's hope and well it seemed the team that needed a complete facelift maybe not tonight. they got a whole bunch of firsts. 2:18 into the first scott gomez in front the veteran with his first goal as a shark. 1-0 and they will add to it in the second period. the canucks are in a power play. douglas murray steals it. up ahead to adam burres his first goal of the year. and it's 2-0. that was a great shot right there and a great
10:58 pm
pass. vancouver forcesover forces -- forces overtime. now couture, that keeps san jose alive. then it's povleski and he wins it right here his first goal in the shoot out. 39 saves in the net for anti niemi. games that won't be remembered for anything other than how quickly they're forgotten. that would be exhibition baseball. kc worked over colon and the giants taking a whipping at the hands of the indians. it is a 2-2 ball game. 5th inning with the indians nick swisher in his first year with cleveland. he whacks one solo shot 3-2. then a doosey from the camera man. that's a good shot of the pole
10:59 pm
but it was a homer. wind up winning the ball game 4- 3. as far as rumors go this is a good one. but there may be basis in fact. it's the old where there's smoke there's fire. and one of the best corner backs in all of the football derrell rivas coming to the niners with a trade. he missed much of last year due to injury. he's only 28 and is a three time first team probowl player. known as a shut down corner and he has heard the rumors himself and seems to like the idea, of maybe becoming a niner. >> i'm looking at their roster and their team. i would just be an addition to help them you know win that trophy. so would it be awesome i mean yeah. my main goal as a player and i think all of us as players in the nfl is to get that hold that lombardy trophy up in the air and wear

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